Screening Today

  • 100% Wolf  (PG) violence
  • 23 Walks  (M) Sex scenes & offensive language
  • Baby Done  (M) Offensive language, sexual references & drug use
    12.20pm, 8.15pm
  • Greenland  (R13) Violence & content that may disturb
    10.45am, 6.00pm
  • Honest Thief  (M) Violence & offensive language
    2.45pm, 6.15pm
  • Hope Gap  (M) Offensive language & suicide references
  • The Broken Hearts Gallery  (M) Offensive language, sexual references & drug references
  • The Craft Legacy  (M) Adult Themes
    1.10pm, 8.15pm


Rating : R13   Violence & content that may disturb

Starring : Gerard Butler, Scott Glenn, Andrew Bachelor, Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd, Joshua Mikel, Claire Bronson & Gary Weeks

A family fights for survival as a planet-killing comet races to Earth. John Garrity (Butler), his estranged wife Allison (Morena Baccarin), and young son Nathan make a perilous journey to their only hope for sanctuary. Amid terrifying news accounts of cities around the world being leveled by the comet’s fragments, the Garrity’s experience the best and worst in humanity. As the countdown to global apocalypse approaches zero, their incredible trek culminates in a desperate and last-minute flight to a possible safe haven.

Duration : 119 minutes

Screening Dates & Times

Tuesday 27th : 11.50am, 6.00pm

Wednesday 28th : 11.50am, 6.00pm

Thursday 29th : 10.45am, 6.00pm

Friday 30th : 6.00pm

Saturday 31st : 6.10pm

Sunday 1st : 6.10pm

Monday 2nd : 6.00pm

Tuesday 3rd : 6.00pm

Wednesday 4th : 6.00pm

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