Screening Today

  • 100% Wolf  (PG) violence
  • 23 Walks  (M) Sex scenes & offensive language
  • Baby Done  (M) Offensive language, sexual references & drug use
    12.20pm, 8.15pm
  • Greenland  (R13) Violence & content that may disturb
    10.45am, 6.00pm
  • Honest Thief  (M) Violence & offensive language
    2.45pm, 6.15pm
  • Hope Gap  (M) Offensive language & suicide references
  • The Broken Hearts Gallery  (M) Offensive language, sexual references & drug references
  • The Craft Legacy  (M) Adult Themes
    1.10pm, 8.15pm

The Broken Hearts Gallery

Rating : M   Offensive language, sexual references & drug references

Starring : Geraldine Viswanathan, Dacre Montgomery, Utkarsh Ambudkar & Nikki Duval

A young woman can't let go of everyday items her ex-boyfriends left behind in this romantic comedy. Desperate to let go, she opens a gallery for trinkets from past relationships and opens it up to the public. Stars Geraldine Viswanathan (Blockers) and Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things).

Duration : 108 minutes

Screening Dates & Times

Tuesday 27th : 2.00pm, 6.00pm

Wednesday 28th : 2.00pm, 6.00pm

Thursday 29th : 2.10pm

Friday 30th : 2.10pm

Monday 2nd : 2.35pm

Tuesday 3rd : 2.35pm

Wednesday 4th : 2.35pm

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