Screening Today


Rating : R13   Violence, cruelty & offensive language

Starring : Charlotte Best, Jonny Pasvolsky, Alex Menglet, Susan Prior, Justin Stewart Cotta, Tahlia Sturzaker, Karelina Clarke & Andrew Jacks

A science-fiction thriller about a young female environmentalist who wakes up trapped and kidnapped. Worse, she’s in the elevator of a super high-rise building and completely at the mercy of her tormentors.

Duration : 102 minutes

Screening Dates & Times

Tuesday 20th : 8.10pm

Wednesday 21st : 8.10pm

Thursday 22nd : 5.40pm

Friday 23rd : 5.40pm

Saturday 24th : 6.10pm

Sunday 25th : 6.10pm

Monday 26th : 6.00pm

Tuesday 27th : 6.00pm

Wednesday 28th : 6.00pm

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