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Trolls Band Together

Rating : G  

Starring : Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Zooey Deschanel, Troye Sivan & RuPaul

After two films of true friendship and relentless flirting, Poppy and Branch are now officially, finally, a couple.! As they grow closer, Poppy discovers that Branch has a secret past. He was once part of her favorite boyband phenomenon, BroZone, with his four brothers: Floyd), John Dory, Spruce and Clay. BroZone disbanded when Branch was still a baby, as did the family, and Branch hasnt seen his brothers since.

But when Branchs bro Floyd is kidnapped for his musical talents by a pair of nefarious pop-star villains, Velvet and Veneer, Branch and Poppy embark on a harrowing and emotional journey to reunite the other brothers and rescue Floyd from a fate even worse than pop-culture obscurity.

Duration : 90 minutes

Screening Dates & Times

Saturday 2nd : 11.45am adults at kids prices

Sunday 3rd : 11.45am adults at kids prices

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