Screening Today

Top End Wedding

Rating : M   Offensive language

Starring : Gwilym Lee, Kerry Fox, Miranda Tapsell, Huw Higginson, Travis Jeffery

Rom-com reuniting The Sapphires director, Wayne Blair, and star Miranda Tapsell. Story follows an engaged couple who head into Australia's remote far north to find an AWOL mother in time for the wedding.

Duration : 113 minutes

Screening Dates & Times

Tuesday 25th : 12.15pm, 5.50pm

Wednesday 26th : 12.15pm, 5.50pm

Thursday 27th : 2.00pm

Friday 28th : 3.00pm

Saturday 29th : 3.50pm

Monday 1st : 3.30pm

Tuesday 2nd : 3.30pm

Wednesday 3rd : 6.00pm

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