Screening Today

  • Blinky Bill the Movie  (G) 
  • Born to Dance  (PG) Coarse language & drug references
    1.40pm, 8.00pm
  • Everest  (M) content may disturb
  • Miss You Already  (M) Sex scenes and offensive language
    11.55am, 8.10pm
  • Pan  (PG) contains violence and scary scenes
    11.40am, 3.20pm
  • Pixels  (PG) Violence, coarse language & sexual references
  • Pixels 3D  (PG) Violence, coarse language & sexual references
  • The Intern  (M) Offensive language
  • The Martian 3D  (M) Offensive language

Kids Corner

Goosebumps - Creatures Unleashed

Make sure the creatures don't escape the book!

Official URL

Hotel Transylvania 2 - Big Foot Soccer

Help the Hotel Transylvania characters score points by getting a goal but be aware of Big Foot!

Official URL

Hotel Transylvania 2 - Monster Jumble

Swap Character from the film by dragging them left or right, up or down to try and match three in a row. Good luck!

Official URL

Minion Games

Choose from your choice of minion games

Official URL

Pixels - Join The Arcaders

This is a little bit more challenging with different arcade games to both entertain and frustrate you.
Take your pick from the Reaction Zone, Light blaster or Pixel Predictor.

Official URL

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

Test your Hunger Games skills with this game. Do you have what it takes to win?

Official URL