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Week of : -  26th Jul 2016 - 3rd Aug 2016
Central Intelligence  (M) violence, sexual references and offensive language

Saving the world takes a little Hart and a big Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart team up for this buddy-cop comedy from the director of We’re the Millers. After he reunites with an old pal through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage  Click for more details

Duration : 107 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 6.05pm

Wednesday 27th : 3.15pm - Final screening

Finding Dory  (G) 

She just kept swimming...

Disney Pixar’s sequel to the 2003 Academy Award-winning family animated hit Finding Nemo, with Andrew Stanton returning to the director’s chair. Ellen DeGeneres also returns to voice Dory, the happy-go-lucky fish with a terrible memory. One day, in her sleep, she actually remembers something about her past, prompting a journey to find her family.  Click for more details

Duration : 103 minutes

Wednesday 27th : 10.30am - Mums & Bubs session

Saturday 30th : 10.00am, 2.00pm

Sunday 31st : 10.00am, 2.00pm

Ghostbusters  (PG) Some scenes may scare young children

Who you gonna call?

The third Ghostbusters film - a reboot from Bridemaids director Paul Feig and two of its stars, Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. Plot details are unknown. Another Ghostbusters movie has long been speculated (the originals were made in 1984 and '89), spearheaded by co-creator Dan Akroyd. After years of failed attempts, rumours suggest Sony Pictures are now planning a series of inter-connected Ghostbusters movies to follow, with Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt potentially headlining a follow-up to Feig's.  Click for more details

Duration : 116 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 12noon, 6.00pm(3D)

Wednesday 27th : 3.00pm, 7.50pm(3D)

Thursday 28th : 5.50pm

Friday 29th : 5.50pm

Saturday 30th : 6.10pm

Sunday 31st : 6.10pm

Monday 1st : 6.00pm

Tuesday 2nd : 6.00pm

Wednesday 3rd : 12.50pm

Ice Age Collision Course  (G) 

One small step. One giant mess.

This fifth film in the family-friendly Ice Age franchise takes place immediately after the short film Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe, which sees Sid, Manny and Diego running to a new habitat when Scrat causes an irreversible disaster in space.  Click for more details

Duration : 94 minutes

Saturday 30th : 12.20pm

Sunday 31st : 12.20pm

Independence Day: Resurgence  (M) Science fiction themes & violence

We had twenty years to prepare, so did they.

Roland Emmerich, director of the '90s sci-fi blockbuster original Independence Day, returns for another large-scale invasion. Takes place decades onward, where Earth has learned new tricks from the alien technology left behind after the first attack. Sequel sees the return of Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman, alongside Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) and Maika Monroe (It Follows). Will Smith does not star, however - his character died in an accident.  Click for more details

Duration : 119 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 2.00pm

Wednesday 27th : 5.30pm - Final screening

Jason Bourne  (M) violence  No Comps

You know his name

This fifth entry in the Bourne series sees Matt Damon return to his role, alongside Julia Stiles, Tommy Lee Jones, and director Paul Greengrass.  Click for more details

Duration : 123 minutes

Thursday 28th : 11.35am, 3.45pm, 7.50pm

Friday 29th : 11.35am, 3.45pm, 7.50pm

Saturday 30th : 4.00pm, 8.10pm

Sunday 31st : 4.00pm, 8.10pm

Monday 1st : 11.35am, 3.50pm, 8.00pm

Tuesday 2nd : 11.35am, 3.50pm, 8.00pm

Wednesday 3rd : 3.00pm, 7.45pm

Love and Friendship  (G) 
Set in the opulent drawing rooms of 18th century English society, Love and Friendship focuses on the machinations of a beautiful widow, Lady Susan Vernon (Beckinsale), who, while waiting for social chatter about a personal indiscretion to pass, takes up temporary residence at her in-laws' estate. While there, the intelligent, flirtatious, and amusingly egotistical Lady Vernon is determined to be a matchmaker for her daughter Frederica (Morfydd Clark, The Falling) - and herself too, naturally. She enlists the assistance of her old friend Alicia (Sevigny), but two particularly handsome suitors complicate her orchestrations  Click for more details

Duration : 93 minutes

Thursday 28th : 10.00am, 4.10pm

Friday 29th : 10.00am, 4.10pm

Saturday 30th : 4.20pm

Sunday 31st : 4.20pm

Monday 1st : 10.00am, 4.20pm

Tuesday 2nd : 10.00am, 4.20pm

Wednesday 3rd : 11.00am, 2.15pm

Me Before You  (PG) Coarse language & sexual references
Emilia Clarke (Terminator: Genisys) leads this romance based on the bestselling novel by Jojo Moyes about a small-town girl who takes care of a moody paralysed man (Sam Clafin, The Hunger Games series).  Click for more details

Duration : 110 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 10.00am, 2.00pm

Wednesday 27th : 11.00am

Thursday 28th : 2.15pm

Friday 29th : 2.15pm

Saturday 30th : 12noon

Sunday 31st : 12noon

Monday 1st : 2.15pm

Tuesday 2nd : 2.15pm

Wednesday 3rd : 6.00pm

Sing Street  (M) offensive language
Coming-of-age sort-of-musical from the director of Once about a 14-year-old lad who tells a girl he's crushing on that he's in a band. The only problem? He's not actually in a band. The only solution? Start a band.  Click for more details

Duration : 105 minutes

Thursday 28th : 12.20pm, 5.45pm

Friday 29th : 12.20pm, 5.45pm

Saturday 30th : 6.00pm

Sunday 31st : 6.00pm

Monday 1st : 12.20pm, 6.00pm

Tuesday 2nd : 12.20pm, 6.00pm

Wednesday 3rd : 12.20pm, 8.00pm

Star Trek Beyond  (M) violence  No Comps
The 13th Star Trek film, the third in the newly rebooted series. JJ Abrams, director Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), steps aside for Fast & Furious stalwart Justin Lin.  Click for more details

Duration : 115 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 10.00am, 4.00pm, 8.00pm

Wednesday 27th : 1.00pm, 7.45pm

Thursday 28th : 10.10am, 1.40pm, 7.40pm

Friday 29th : 10.10am, 1.40pm, 7.40pm

Saturday 30th : 2.15pm, 8.00pm

Sunday 31st : 2.15pm, 8.00pm

Monday 1st : 10.10am, 1.40pm, 8.00pm

Tuesday 2nd : 10.10am, 1.40pm, 8.00pm

Wednesday 3rd : 10.10am, 3.55pm

The BFG  (PG) Some scenes may scare young children
Steven Spielberg and his screenwriter for E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial re-team to adapt Roald Dahl's 1982 novel. Follows Sophie (newcomer Ruby Barnhill), the Queen of England (Penelope Wilton) and The BFG (Mark Rylance) on an adventure to capture the evil, man-eating giants who have invaded the human world. The cast of giants includes Bill Hader and Jemaine Clement.  Click for more details

Duration : 117 minutes

Saturday 30th : 10.15am

Sunday 31st : 10.15am

The Conjuring 2  (R13) Violence and horror scenes
Sequel to the supernatural horror hit The Conjuring (2013). Stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson return alongside director James Wan. Set in 1977, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to England to help a single mum raising four children who are plagued by malicious spirits. The Warrens are real-life supernatural investigators and authors. The first film was based on their reported experiences, and this one follows their Enfield Poltergeist findings.  Click for more details

Duration : 134 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 8.00pm

Wednesday 27th : 5.30pm

Wednesday 3rd : 5.30pm - Final screening

The Man Who Knew Infinity  (PG) 
Dev Patel (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) is Srinivasa Ramanujan in this historical biopic, the mathematical genius who grew up in a poor region of India and gained admittance to Cambridge University during the First World War. Jeremy Irons plays his professor and mentor G.H. Hardy. Co-stars Toby Jones and Stephen Fry.  Click for more details

Duration : 108 minutes

Tuesday 26th : 4.00pm

Wednesday 27th : 1.00pm - Final screening